Why Protax Advisory?
Protax Advisory is a tax consultant company that was founded by 2 partners that registered under the Taxes Directorate General that consist of competent and trustworthy professionals with integrity who are ready to help handle your tax consulations
10+ Years of Experience
50+ Professional Teams
5 Years of Establishment
400+ Companies Assisted
Our services

Protax Advisory provides several categories of services for you and your company who need our services

Monthly Taxation

Calculating tax payments, preparing, and reporting monthly notification letters so your monthly tax report can be in accordance with tax regulations.

Yearly Taxation

Calculating taxes and preparing letters Annual Notification to comply with regulations current taxation, so you can minimize fines or tax sanctions.

Tax Consultation

We provide services in the form of information, understanding and advice to clients based on existing or any potential tax aspects that may arise.

Tax Restitution

Prepare, represent or accompany the Mandatory Taxes in the Tax Restitution process to make it easier for you to handle the tax restitution process.

Tax Planning

We provide services in the form of analysis and calculation of taxes on client businesses taking into account understanding of the business clients.

Tax Objection and Appeal

We provide services in the form of preparing and accompanying Taxpayers in the objection process or the appeal.

Tax Review

Calculating potential taxation for Tax Income and Added Value Tax which consists of principal as well as administrative sanctions in the tax year.

Business Group Restructuring

Structuring of the whole client's business based on conditions and client objectives in accordance with current tax regulations.

Tax Opinion

We provide services in the form of tax opinions independent professionals regarding regulatory implications taxation of clients as Taxpayers.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer Pricing Documents to fulfill the fairness of the transaction accordingly with the applicable tax provisions.

Core Values of Our Company


We are committed to providing the best service by upholding harmony between the values adhered to and the services provided.


We always provide information latest regarding regulations applicable taxation.


We are also able to provide advice and solutions by considering several aspects of taxation are included with good communication skills.


We always maintain confidentiality throughout data and information regarding our clients.